March 2, 2015

5.29 lighten up!

winter-outfits-195 winter-outfits-196 winter-outfits-197

The temps may still be chilly, but I’m ready to lighten up + get ready for spring! Hence the all-white outfit. I’m throwing off the dark colors of winter and tackle-hugging light, airy hues.

And a light, airy attitude.

You too? Love it. The shift from winter to spring is so refreshing, so full of hope. I’m feeling it deep down.

I’ve officially decided my color for the spring is going to be blue. All shades of blue — from soft mint to indigo.

I’m pretty excited about it.

I’ve also officially decided to keep these flats in my spring capsule. That means they’ve been in every capsule I’ve ever made.

Very cool.

First spring sneak peek is coming on Wednesday! :)



Top: Nordstrom Rack

Pants: old from J.Crew Factory (almost exactly the same here)

Shoes: old from Madewell (almost exactly the same here)

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Earrings: Madewell

Bracelets: Moulton


February 27, 2015

5.28 Q&A: spring capsule date, weather, and 5 of my favorite books + blogs

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Q: I’m wondering if you’re planning to post a spring capsule soon. I’m dying to pick up some new things for spring but I want to be smart about it. –Erin

A: Hi Erin! I’m posting my spring capsule on March 18th — woohoo! And starting next Wednesday, I’ll be posting a few sneak peeks + my thoughts as I put it all together. Can’t wait to share!

Q: I live in San Francisco and would like to put together a capsule wardrobe but feel like we don’t have seasons here. All of the clothes in my closet stay in my closet year round.  How would you handle this? –(name withheld)

A: No seasons? No problem. If weather isn’t a factor, use this as an opportunity to base your capsule on something else — like a color palette or mood or style.

Or you can simply use it as a way to honor the person you are + the life you’re living, here and now. Filling out the lifestyle section of my capsule wardrobe planner every three months is a special, reflective experience for me. It always helps me slow down and focus on the present … and appreciate it.

It sounds like your clothes may be appropriate all year round, so it may feel strange to put perfectly good clothes in storage for a little while. But in every capsule, there are always “appropriate” clothes that I choose to store instead.


It gives them a break so they don’t wear out too quickly. It also gives me a chance to shake up my wardrobe. I may be tired of wearing a certain piece, so I’ll retire it for a season — but then when I pull it out of storage three months later, it’s love all over again. Most importantly, it keeps my closet clutter-free which really simplifies getting dressed in the mornings.

If you simply don’t want to remix your wardrobe every three months, you may want to try having two capsules a year — a warmer capsule and a cooler one — instead of four.

Experiment a little until you find what works for your life. No matter what, do what feels right to you.

Q: What books or blogs would you recommend for someone wanting to simplify their life? — Jenna


Hi Jenna! Here are my top 5:

This TED talk

This book

Also this book

This food blog

This style blog

Enjoy these last days of February. Spring is coming!



Sweater: old from Zara (get on the waiting list here or here’s a similar one)

Top: old from H&M (similar here)

Necklace: Moulton

Pants: old from J.Crew Factory (similar here)

Shoes: Diba via DSW

Bag: Marc Jacobs

February 26, 2015

guest blogger series: jaana’s shopaholic years

jaana-112 jaana-113 jaana-111

The other day, I turned to my husband and said “Hey, remember when I had like 60 pairs of jeans?”  He dead-panned, “No. I’ve completely blocked that out of my mind.”

Rightfully so.  It’s pretty embarrassing. It was in the midst of what I call the Shopaholic Years.  Shopaholic was not an official diagnosis, but more of a self-proclaimed title.  Shopping was my cardio, and I was all about the deals.  There was no pair of $20 jeans in my size left untouched.  They didn’t even have to fit great.  They were just good enough for the moment.  This in turn, left me continually looking for more.

I am the first to admit I still love to shop.  And I definitely go through phases – extremes one way or another.  At one point, I even gave up shopping for an entire year to try and get it under control. It was a good exercise in self-discipline, but about 2 months after the shopping diet ended, I began to relapse and fall into similar patterns.  Mostly I find when my self-esteem is wavering or I am struggling in other areas of life, shopping temporarily fills a void for me.  It’s that immediate gratification that feels so good yet solves nothing in the long run.

And here’s where the capsule wardrobe comes in and saves the day!

I think it works so well for me at this stage of life because I don’t have to quit shopping.  It just forces me to really hone my shopping skills in a different way.  And yes, I do consider shopping a skill.  It has to be treated as such.  Instead of just going and buying whatever catches my eye or whatever is cheapest, time and effort need to be put into building a wardrobe.  There is joy to be found in it.

I personally enjoy the whole process – scouring Pinterest for inspiration, making lists of what I really want, finding those items in my budget that I know I will wear again and again. I still second guess some of my purchases, and experience trial and error with online shopping.  And I still slip-up occasionally and get overly excited about a deal.  But for the most part, I have found it so gratifying.

So what can we learn from the Shopaholic Years?  No amount of jeans will solve your problems. Happiness is letting go of your jeans.  Let your faith be bigger than your jeans collection.  Breathe, they’re just jeans.  Sometimes the right path is to steer clear of the jeans sale.

OK I could do this all day.  Somebody make some memes already!

Top: Old Navy (same in a lighter wash here)
Bottoms: Gap 
Shoes: Aldo (on sale!)
Poncho: old from H&M (similar)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar for less here or here)
Watch: ArvoWear (love this one here)
Bracelets: Alex + Ani
Earrings: Target

February 25, 2015

5.27 my fanciest outfit + practicing gratitude

u-300    u-301 u-302

Coat: Mango (also similar on sale) Dress: old from Banana Republic Outlet (similar hereShoes: Charles David Bag: Marc Jacobs (similar for way less hereNecklace: handmade via Etsy (similar)

Some days I want to wear a lot of makeup — other days I’m proud of going makeup free. Some days I want to wear a push up bra — and other days I wear a bralette and embrace my natural shape. Some days I feel like I should get a tan — and other days I want to celebrate my natural paleness.

I go back and forth between preferring my natural state and preferring extra boosts.

Both have value.

But. Sometimes I still feel like I need those extra boosts to be … enough. 

So I tried something out. Because I don’t want waste energy feeling that way anymore. I’d rather put that energy towards something good today. 

I put a little purple Post-It note on my bathroom mirror so I see it every day before I leave the house. It’s got my new mantra scribbled on it. It’s meant to be read it slowly:

I’m thankful 

for the way I am, 

just as I am, 

right now — 

even without 

{this boost — fill in the blank}.

It’s the simplest thing. But I’m convinced that taking a moment for gratitude is magic. It sets off an avalanche of more gratitude. And in just a few moments, my perspective changes, and I see abundance rather than lack.

So tell me: If you needed to remind yourself of one thing each day, what would it be? What would your Post-It note say?



February 24, 2015

guest blogger series: Q&A with Jacquelyn

jac-123 jac-120 jac-119

Well, friends, we’re through the halfway point of my time here with you all and let me tell you, it’s been the best! Your questions have been amazing, so today I thought I’d answer a few!

How can I find a good tailor?

Yelp is a great place to start, but if the people in your community don’t actively use it, I’d suggest putting a call for help on Facebook, asking your neighbors, or stalking people carrying those plastic cleaners bags.

How do I build a wardrobe in the middle of a life / work transition?

Remember, you’re not alone! So many of you expressed similar feelings in this post. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Identify six essential pieces you’ll need for the next six weeks. Or five for five weeks, whatever works for you! Remember to tailor these suggestions to fit your needs, but setting a number will help to relieve the pressure of building a whole new wardrobe. What six pieces will get you through the next six weeks working in an office, being a stay at home mom, or working from home? Look at what’s in your closet and then decide on six essential pieces that will work with what you already have.
  • Keep a list of staple pieces you’re hunting for in your phone. I was recently able to check off quality nude flats (check them out here), and I’ve been searching for the perfect navy blazer for a year.
  • Accept that your closet won’t be perfect. I wasn’t kidding when I said acceptance has been huge for me. I don’t anticipate there ever being a time in my life when I have every single thing I want, but I always have what I need. To help me see my clothes with fresh eyes, I like to rearrange my closet organization every so often. I also find a lot of combination inspiration in the laundry pile since I take about a week to put my clothes away. ;-)

How do you manage to wear tops under cardigans and sweaters without them bunching?

I hold the ends of the sleeves tightly while I’m putting the sweater on and, here’s my secret, I don’t let go until I’m done adjusting everything. If it’s a shirt that buttons I also button the first layer all the way up before putting the sweater on.

Not all shirts work well under all of your sweaters so it’s definitely a trial and error process. Unless I know a combination will work, I don’t wear it on a day I’m running late– which is pretty much everyday! If your shirt looks funky under your sweater I have heard wearing a camisole on top of the first layer helps smooth everything down.

If you have any other questions you’d like answered go ahead and leave them in the comments! I love reading and answering them!

Top: JCrew Factory (similar)

Skirt: JCrew Factory (same in black. similar in gray)

Shoes: Zappos (similar– wide calf!)

Stockings: Target

Necklace: old from Urban Peach Boutique (similar)

Earrings: Stella & Dot

Bracelet: Stella & Dot (one and two)