October 21, 2014

4.15 turning a negative into a positive

fall-outfit-ideas-16    fall-outfit-ideas-18 fall-outfit-ideas-19 fall-outfit-ideas-20 fall-outfit-ideas-17

This hat, right?! I told you it was awesome.

Anyway … that’s my one sentence about this outfit today. Because there are more exciting things to talk about …

Notice anything different around here?

Unfancy got a new blog header! What do ya think?!


My rockstar friend Becky designed it.

Becky’s got it going on. She’s super talented at lettering + illustrating (see aforementioned blog header). She wrote and illustrated a really heartfelt + hilarious book. She stands up and inspires people at conferences. And she creates things that make people smile.

My favorite thing about Becky? She took something that used to make her feel insecure (her height — she says, “On my tallest day I’m five feet tall.”) + she turned it into something positive. And then wrote a book about it, highlighting 100 reasons why it’s great to be short. She turned a curse into a gift. And in the process, gave everyone else permission to do the same.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Let’s give Becky some serious love today.

You can keep up with Becky on Instagram, Twitter, or her blog Chipper Things.

Hat: Target

Top: Madewell

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Madewel (similar in a different color)

Bag: Nordstrom

Bracelets: Moulton



October 20, 2014

4.14 when things don’t work out

fall-outfit-ideas-12 fall-outfit-ideas-13

Yes. I put my shoes on with the straps twisted and didn’t realize it until just now.

fall-outfit-ideas-11 fall-outfit-ideas-14 fall-outfit-ideas-15

Remember that time I was like, “Hey everyone! I’m going to get my heels shortened!”

About that.

Funny story.


A day or two after I wrote that post, I diligently took my shoes to Austin Shoe Hospital. A bearded man in an apron greeted me with a smile. I reflected his smile right back as I set my shoes on the counter and explained my hopes and dreams for these shoes. He picked up the shoes and gave them a thorough once over with an expert eye — testing their flexibility, inspecting the heel, noting the materials.

Then, abruptly:

“This heel cannot be shortened.”

Insert grumpy cat meme.

I was bummed. But I kept chatting with him to see if I could learn a thing or two about why it wasn’t going to work this time + what it would take to make it work in the future.

Here’s what I learned:

These shoes are, y’know, pretty cheap. The sole is made of plastic, so it’s 100% inflexible. If I had brought in a nicer pair of shoes with a leather sole, he could have shortened the heel about half an inch to an inch depending on how flexible the sole is. And it would have run about $15 per heel.

So it didn’t work out. But … I’m remembering the words of my favorite adopted grandfather + renown conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Benjamin ZanderHow fascinating! 

Another mistake? How fascinating! Another opportunity to learn something just presented itself.

I’m definitely filing this information away for future use. And hopefully, it’s useful to you too.

In the meantime, I’m still wearing these shoes all the time — they are my favorites after all. It’d be nice if they could have been shortened, but since they can’t, now I’m practicing the art of walking in high heels. It really does get easier with practice.

Top: Aritzia

Plaid Shirt: J.Crew (similar)

Bottoms: Gap (similar)

Bag: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Moulton

Bracelets: Moulton

Rings: Moulton

October 18, 2014

Want to be a guest blogger on Unfancy?

Have you ever …

Wanted to make a difference? Wanted to help other ladies feel confident + beautiful? Wanted to just put more good out there?

This is your invitation. I’m looking for 2-3 ladies to join Unfancy as guest bloggers from January 2015 – March 2015.

First, read over these statements + make sure they sound authentic to you:

  • I think capsule wardrobes are awesome. Even though I may have a different number than 37, I still subscribe to the general idea of Unfancy.
  • I love to write. Even if what I write only helps one person, it’s worth it to me.
  • I’m a positive + hopeful person. And I really like to toss kindness around like confetti.
  • I may not be a professional model, but I don’t mind being in front of the camera.
  • I live in the USA. (For logistical reasons this first time around. In the future, it’ll be open to everyone.)
  • The time commitment (January – March) works for me. I’m cool with being responsible for 4 blog posts during that time (1 capsule wardrobe post + 3 outfit posts).

Do those statements make you stand up + say “YEAH!”? Then girl — get ready to apply!


Pretend you’re writing a regular outfit blog post for Unfancy — here’s an example. Include pictures of you wearing the outfit (iPhone snaps are fine, but I’m looking for good composition) + text (a bit of style advice infused with your authentic voice) + links to the items you’re wearing. 

Jot down a quick personal note about your style + lifestyle + why you think you’d be a great fit for Unfancy.

Email it over to unfancyblog@gmail.com. And DONE!

All applications are due November 1st. You’ll hear back from me on November 8th.

Can’t WAIT to hear from you!

October 17, 2014

4.13 translating high fashion into something wearable

fall-capsule-wardrobe-145 fall-capsule-wardrobe-148 fall-capsule-wardrobe-147 fall-capsule-wardrobe-146

We all love wearing outfits that are easy + comfortable, right?


But it can be tricky to blend comfort + style. In fact, I used to think I could only have one of those two things — definitely couldn’t have both, right?

Turns out I was wrong. It just takes a bit of observing (the fashion world around you) + translating (those crazy fashion trends into something you can wear).


Let’s take the example of this oversized sweater.

I’ve been noticing a lot of fashion-forward gals wearing shapeless, oversized coats on Pinterest lately. (Olsen twins, anyone?) Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the look. But it does tip me off that oversized layers are in. Cool. I’ll file that away in my brain and see if it ties in with anything in my real life later.

Hint, hint: That’s the observing part. :)

Cue to the moment when I pulled this sweater out of storage from last year. It’s oversized, it’s got a full shape to it — so it could play as one of those oversized layers I keep seeing. Cool!

But … how can I style it to fit my non-Olsen life?

This is where the tricky translating part comes in.

Hm. Well, it’s a short sweater — as opposed to the long coats I’d seen on Pinterest — so that’s a good thing already because I can wear something form-fitting on the bottom + keep some girlish shape + not look like a walking blob.

I’ll pair it with skinny jeans. My fav. (I could have also paired it with leggings.)

So I’ve got my full-on-top Olsen-ness + form-fitting-bottom Caroline-ness.

A beautiful blend.

Here are a couple Q’s to ask yourself when you’re trying this whole observing + translating thing:

What have I been seeing around lately (in stores, on Pinterest, on people, in magazines, on blogs)? How can I take a piece of what I’ve seen and work it into an outfit?

Maybe you’ll get it right the first time, maybe not. I almost never get it right the first time. But I’m learning how to do this more and more with every outfit — which is fun. And I also get to laugh at whatever failed outfit I made too — that’s also fun.

Sweater: old from Zara (similar)

Top: Aritzia

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Bag: Nordstrom

Necklace: Handmade (similar)

Rings: Moulton


October 16, 2014

4.12 the fastest way to look polished

fall-capsule-wardrobe-153 fall-capsule-wardrobe-156 fall-capsule-wardrobe-155 fall-capsule-wardrobe-154

Aaron and I have been taking care of grown up business this week (Forms + documents! Legal jargon! Charts + graphs!) so I’ve been trying to look all kinds of polished + put together.

Fastest way to look polished?

Put a blazer on it!

I especially love this blazer because it’s unstructured. It took me a while to understand how night-and-day-different a structured blazer is from an unstructured blazer. They’re made for two different lifestyles. This relaxed blazer fits my more casual lifestyle perfectly.

I’ve never had good history with blazers, but now in this my 28th year on planet earth, I’m finally feelin’ it. I love that about style. The things you thought you’d never wear end up surprising you.

I swore I’d never wear skinny jeans in 2005. But then in 2006, I magically changed my mind and have been wearing them ever since.

Curious what’ll surprise me next.

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Aritzia

Blazer: Aritzia

Bag: Nordstrom

Bracelets: Moulton

Rings: Moulton

Shoes: Madewell — in a different, but awesome color!