March 27, 2015

6.3 my color go-to: one color, multiple shades

yayspring-308 yayspring-309 yayspring-306

Oh, color! I’ve missed you! Let’s never part ways again, okay?

What are your colors for spring? Obviously, mine are blue, blue, and more blue. I’m okay with this. For me, a little color goes a long way.

Right now, I’m really into playing with one color + multiple shades all in one outfit. I can see this outfit becoming a sort of color template for me: a washed out top with a saturated scarf. That way, I can always remove the scarf if I get a little tired of the color.

While I don’t have these colors in my closet, I could see this template working really well with greens (soft seafoam + fern green scarf) or pinks (faded salmon top + coral scarf).

How are you planning to use color in your spring wardrobe? Got any fail-proof combinations?

Top: J.Crew

Scarf: Madewell (also, similar + similar for less)

Shorts: Nordstrom

Shoes: Converse (similar)

Bag: Nordstrom (also, leather option)


March 26, 2015

6.2 the post where i talk about flare jeans

yayspring-303 yayspring-304 yayspring-305

This outfit — or at least some version of it — has been a favorite since 2013. Check it out. Instagram doesn’t lie.

I love it when an outfit has staying power. I mean, you’ll have to check back in with me in 2023 to see if it really has staying power. But so far so good.

Let’s talk about high rise jeans. Are you a fan? I didn’t feel particularly passionate about them, until I tried on this pair. And now they are my favorites.

I feel like I’m going to be saying the same thing about flare leg jeans soon.

I accidentally ended up with a pair of flares in the Nordstrom Rack dressing room when I was shopping for my spring capsule. I thought I had grabbed all skinnies, but nope. I almost tossed them aside … but then put them on, “Because it’ll be like a throw back to high school. Or Gilmore Girls.”

And all of a sudden I was really liking what I saw in the mirror.

I’m not totally ready for them yet, but I mean, maybe in the Fall.

Vest: old from Urban Outfitters (similar)

Tank: old from J.Crew (similar OR similar for less)

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: old from Sam Edelman (similar)

Bracelets: Madewell, on sale! (solid + cutout)

March 25, 2015

6.1 it happens every time: transitioning from shopping to not shopping

yayspring-300    yayspring-302 yayspring-301 yayspring-340

Hello friends! How was your week? My break was lovely, and now I’m super stoked to share spring outfit ideas with you.

Another capsule is finished. Now it’s time to hang tight, enjoy what I have, and not shop.

I’ve got to be honest. It’s always a little hard for me to switch out of shopping mode and get back into no-shopping mode. Any of you feel this way?

Here’s how I approach the transition.

Stick with me for a second.

At the Texas Style Council last weekend, we talked a lot about letting go of negativity in your life to make room for positivity.

This quote puts it in perspective: “The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t.” –unknown

When I’m faced with negativity, I take a second to check in with myself. How am I going to feel if I let this into my life? And if the answer is, “It’s going to ruin my day,” then why would I choose to let it in? I have more control than I think. (And you do too.)

Bringing it back around to shopping.

For me, shopping, while not completely negative, usually makes me feel antsy and discontent. I do get a rush and I’d classify it as “fun” but when I look a little deeper, I see that it’s not really a peaceful experience for me. It empties me — it doesn’t fill me.

I’d rather invite peace into my life.

So, as I’ve had the urge to shop over the past few days, I ask myself how I want to feel: empty or full? And, since the answer is always full, I try to replace shopping with an activity that fills me up, like taking a walk with my dog or reading or calling up a friend.

Then — this is the most important part — I consciously let myself be happy that I’m choosing the peaceful activity that’s filling me up.

It all starts with a simple question: “How is this going to make me feel?”

That’s how I’m approaching it these days. How about you?

Jacket: Madewell

Tee: Madewell

Jeans: old from Gap (similar)

Shoes: old from Steve Madden (similar OR similar for less)

Rings: Moulton

Bag: Marc Jacobs (similar for less)

March 18, 2015

my spring 2015 capsule wardrobe

Hooray, spring is here! Which can only mean one thing — spring capsule wardrobe time!

Pssst … here’s a refresher course on capsule wardrobes, just in case you want to brush up. 

In this post, we’ll be chatting about my process of putting it all together + my budget + what I ended up with + finally, where you can shop for each piece.


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I chat numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented  and apply some of it to your own wardrobe in a new and creative way.


I had a bit of a rocky start this time around — mostly because I didn’t want to accept that it was time to change my approach. After one particularly stressful day, it hit me: I would never want this to be your experience. If you were agonizing over fitting your wardrobe into a set of (invented) rules, I’d say scrap it and let’s find a new approach.

So I let myself off the hook. You can read about it all right here.

I’ve got to say, it feels nice. :)

Once I decided to loosen my approach and replace the “rules” with open-ended practices, things became fun again. Joyful!

Considering I only purchased a few pieces, shopping took approximately five seconds.

I had a few must-haves on my list: a longer pair of shorts, some high-waist jeans, a jean jacket, and a pair of flat Chelsea boots.

Can we pretend we’re girlfriends for a second while I tell you this cool story? You have to promise to squeal, jump up and down, and say things like, “NO! No way! You didn’t! Girl, that’s crazy!”

Deal? Deal.

I was searching for some flat chelsea boots at Nordstrom Rack, when something caught my eye on the top rack. It was a lone pair of Frye chelsea boots — I would later find out it was the only pair left in all the Nordstrom Rack stores on the planet. I about freaked out when I saw that they were my size and — oh yes, it gets better — they were on sale for $90! I know! I still can’t get over it. I’ve never even allowed myself to glance at a Frye boot because they are pricey. But now I have a pair of my own … and I got them for a steal. Eeeeee!

Okay, thanks for the girlfriends moment. I knew I could count on you.

Since I made the mistake of going too one-style in my winter capsule, I made sure to cover my bases for spring. I’ve got neutral boho pieces, edgy cool pieces, and straight up classic pieces. Mixed together, I’m excited about the possibilities.


I’ve changed so much since starting to live with capsule wardrobes. The biggest change? No more emotional purchases. No more hitting the stores to relieve stress.

Even though my purchases are now in big lump sums — this spring my budget was $550 — I love that it’s carefully budgeted money + carefully planned purchases. Since I’m shopping just once every 3 months, it comes out to about $180 a month.

I can tell you from experience: when I would shop emotionally, I was spending a whole lot more than that each month. But it was harder to notice because it was only $40 here, $60 there, and so on. It was scary just how fast my justifiable little purchases added up over the month. Now, I don’t have to worry about that.

I bought seven new pieces and decided to invest a little more than usual in each one this time around. With a solid wardrobe foundation underneath me, I’m excited to be at a place where I can buy less + buy well. The pieces I bought are top notch quality, and I love knowing they’ll wear well + be around for a while.

We’re all different, so my budget may be too much or too little for you, but I hope it’s a little helpful to peek inside mine.


I ended up with a total of 34 pieces in my spring wardrobe including 10 tops, 5 jackets / vests, 1 dress, 8 bottoms, and 10 pairs of shoes.

7 pieces were purchased new. 14 pieces were rolled over from my winter wardrobe. 13 pieces were pulled from storage — which is just two under-the-bed boxes, in case you’re wondering.

Seriously. BEYOND excited to share the outfits I’ve been putting together!



 white tee / white tank (similar for less) / classic button up (similar) / knit vest (similar)


 crop tee / paris graphic tee (this year’s version) / grey tank / sweatshirt (similar here and here)


 midi dress (similar) / track shorts (this year’s version) / dark grey denim (similar) / cape cardigan


 joggers (similar) / relaxed blazer / vegan moto jacket / indigo jeans 


 wrap skirt (similar and similar in a different color) / high rise jeans / boyfriend shirt / chambray shirt (similar)


jean jacket / denim shorts / distressed jeans / mint tunic


 slip ons (similar) / open toe booties (this year’s version) / chelsea boots (similar and similar for less) / d’orsay flats (this year’s version)


 booties (similar and awesome) / birkenstocks / converse (similar) / lace up sandals (similar and similar)


 slip on sandals (similar) / vans high tops (similar)

Oh and hey — I’m 29, as of today. Woohoo! I’m off to party in a very chill 29 year old kind of way. So starting now, I’m taking a nice little break from blogging.

In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Instagram or catch my interview (and a few of my spring outfits!) on The Everygirl.

I’ll be back next Wednesday, March 25th. See you then!

What are your favorite pieces? Do you have any similar pieces?



March 17, 2015

year two: a fresh look at how to create a capsule wardrobe

Okay, I’m excited.

This is year two of my grand capsule wardrobe experiment. Woohoo!

Whenever I start a something new — like a new workout routine or a new habit — I like to approach it with a set of rules. I thrive in a structured environment at the beginning.

But … as time goes on, and the new thing becomes a part of my life, I like to loosen that structure up a bit and let it be organic.

So I’ve always known my approach to capsule wardrobes would change over time. Life changes and we change with it.

But I never knew exactly what my new approach would look like.

I finally figured it out.

The solution came out of a moment* of major frustration.

(*two and a half weeks)

Here’s the short version: This winter, at some point, I lost the spirit of why I do this — why I live with capsule wardrobes. I lost the joy, the creativity, the meaning.

I woke up one day and it was just about following rules.

And we all know that anything done for the sake of the rules is bound to fail. Our actions need purpose + meaning behind them.

So I took some time to get back to the heart of it all.

I remembered why I do it: So I can do more meaningful things with my time and energy. So I can avoid emotional purchases, avoid overspending. So I can build an intentional wardrobe that makes me want to do a happy dance.

And most importantly: I do it because I like it. It brings me joy.

Remembering my why helped me figure out my how.

The general concept is pretty much the same, but the frame around it is different. It has room to breathe. It’s a little more flexible, a little more open to spontaneity.

With the first day of spring on Friday, there’s no better time for new beginnings. Have a look at my new approach:

(It’s probably going to look tiny here, since my blog isn’t very wide. Click here if you’d like to see it a little larger.)



My favorite part?

No more rules. Did you notice?

Now I’m approaching them as practices.

As tiny and insignificant as that may seem, something about that simple word swap changes everything for me. It reminds me that this whole thing is dynamic — there’s no such thing as “cheating” or “breaking the rules”. It’s meant to look different from person to person.

What do you think? Does this relaxed version jive with you, or is the original version more fitting for your stage of the journey?



P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m still hanging out around 37 pieces. In fact, my spring capsule only ended up being 34 pieces. But I’m approaching each new season with more of an emphasis on what feels like enough, rather than a specific number.

P.P.S Spring capsule reveal TOMORROW!