August 21, 2014

boyfriend jeans + white button up

Capsule #3 / Outfit 36

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2034 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2038 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2037 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2036 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2035

Aaron and I are still bummin’ it on the beach in Miami, so it feels a little weird to be talking about fall right now, but let me pose this idea:

This outfit. Plus ankle booties + a floppy felt hat.

Right?! Total fall bliss.

Anyway, back to summer. Because it’s awesome. :)

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottoms: Gap

Shoes: J.Crew

Bag: ONA

Bracelets: Madewell


August 20, 2014

what to pack for a week at the beach

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (I’m @caroline_joy) you know Aaron and I are currently on vacation in Miami, or more specifically South Beach. We’re getting some much needed down time + adventure time together.

I thought you might like to peek into my suitcase. Cue Will Smith and check it out!


GREY CASUAL TANK (similar) | This tank, paired with jean shorts, makes a perfect swimsuit coverup. Or I’m also pairing it with jean shorts + panama hat + day sandals for a casual sightseeing outfit.

WHITE CASUAL TANK | While this tank is casual in nature, it’s actually really easy to dress up. I’m pairing it with dressy shorts + dressy heels + statement bracelet + day purse for a fun happy hour look.

GRAPHIC TEE (sort of similar) | The fit of this tee is so loose and comfortable. Yet it’s also easy to dress up. (See a theme here?) I’m wearing it casual with jean shorts + day sandals — or I can go dressy with dressy shorts + dressy heels.

BUTTON UP SHIRT | This shirt is perfect for brunch, paired with jean shorts + day sandals + panama hat + day purse. It also doubles as a swimsuit coverup.

CASUAL MAXI DRESS |The dress pictured isn’t the exact maxi dress I have, but it’s similar. Basically, I never travel without a maxi dress. I can dress it up or down, and it’s the easiest one piece outfit to throw on.

COCKTAIL DRESS | This one’s reserved for our fancy date! You haven’t really seen any of my fancy dresses because they aren’t included in my capsule wardrobe, but this is one of three fancy dresses I’ve been investing in over the past few years. I struggled for a while when it came to cocktail attire. I would always buy little Forever21 dresses … but I am not forever 21 anymore. So they just looked … sad. I finally invested in this beautiful number that’s sexy (short) and playful (fringe!) but totally demure at the same time (covered up top).

TWO SWIMSUITS (similar floral and similar leopard) | I’m way into the retro style swimsuits these days.

BEACH + DAY SANDALS | These are shown in black up there, but I actually have the cognac pair. (I just couldn’t find a picture of them in cognac.) These guys do double duty as my beach shoes and my around town sightseeing shoes.

DRESSY HEELS | Also for our fancy date! These pair with my dressy shorts, too — the perfect dinner outfit. Again, you haven’t seen these yet because fancy shoes aren’t included in my capsule wardrobe. But these are my one and only pair of fancy shoes, and they are so versatile — they do it all!

JEAN SHORTS | No beach vacation is complete without a pair of cutoffs. I’m wearing them to the beach as a swimsuit coverup, and around town when we’re out sightseeing.

DRESSY SHORTS | Wanna know a secret? These can actually go dressy or casual. They pair with every single top I brought. And they are super comfortable.

BEACH BAG | I don’t have a dedicated beach bag, so I brought our canvas reusable tote we use for our groceries. Makin’ do! It’s also doubling as my carry on bag for the plane.

 DAY PURSE | Why did I bring such a tiny bag, you ask? Well, because it goes with my both my casual outfits and my fancy cocktail outfit. And I also just like carrying a smaller bag in general.

PANAMA HAT | While this guy takes up a lot of room in the suitcase, it’s worth it. I’m wearing it every day!

STATEMENT BRACELET | The bracelet shown up there isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s similar. I know this sounds crazy, but this is the only piece of jewelry I brought with me. But imagine it with every outfit I’ve mentioned so far. Perfect, right? Necklaces don’t work with either dress I brought … but this little cuff does. It also goes a long way in adding some style to my super casual outfits.

OTHER STUFF | Toiletry bag, one set of workout clothes, an extra beach coverup, Kindle, journal, and a blanket (that I can spread out on the beach or actually wear if I get cold).


So, are you going anywhere soon?

August 19, 2014

track pants + muscle tank + chunky heels

Capsule #3 / Outfit 35

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2029 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2033 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2032 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2031 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2030

This is one of my top 5 outfits this summer. It’s simple + effortless. And really, really cool.

This, to me, is the type of outfit that looks intimidating. If you had shown it to me a year ago, I would have loved it … but it would have intimidated me.

The thing is, it’s not a scary outfit, when broken down piece by piece.

The top: It’s a simple cotton tank. Totally harmless. Totally normal.

The bottoms: Track pants are a bit of a statement, I get it. But look at the color (black) and fabric (cotton) — totally basic and approachable. I don’t know about you, but I don’t associate “black pants” and “flashy.” :)

The shoes: I used to feel uncomfortable in heels. That is, until I discovered the chunky heel. Chunky heels feel less dressy, so I can wear them without feeling over-dressed. I also have a rule: I never buy heels higher than 4 inches, because once they get taller, I get uncomfortable. Find your ideal heel height (even if it’s flat!) and don’t even glance at shoes that are taller.

The lesson I learned?

Anytime I think an outfit is too scary, I should try creating it with elements that are familiar and basic. It might end up being one of my favorites!

Top: J.Crew

Bottoms: Zara (similar)

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Bag: Madewell (similar)

Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Glasses: Warby Parker

August 18, 2014

black maxi dress + panama hat

Capsule #3 / Outfit 34

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2020 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2024 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2023 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2022

Pair a panama hat with anything and it transforms into something beachy and wonderful.

A beachy look is so right for today, because Aaron and I are leaving for summer vacay — Miami!

Will Smith has been on heavy rotation for the last few weeks leading up to this trip, and today we finally get to experience this city for ourselves. We have lots of plans, like hitting up La Sandwicherie + visiting the Wynwood Art District, but if you have any other suggestions, we’re open.

If you want to follow along with our adventures, find me on Instagram. I’m @caroline_joy.

While I won’t be checking email + responding to comments this week, you can expect daily outfits like normal. And — get excited — I’ll be sharing my packing list on Wednesday.

Happy Monday!

Dress: Forever21 (similar)

Hat: J.Crew (similar for less)

Necklaces: Madewell

Bag: ONA

Shoes: J.Crew

August 16, 2014

white dress + black chunky heels

Capsule #3 / Outfit 33

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2028 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2025    capsule-wardrobe-blog-2027

Want to feel feminine AND edgy at the same time? Here’s your recipe:

White dress + heavy black heels.

Another cool thing about this outfit? It can be a summer-to-fall transition outfit. Swap the sleeveless dress for one with long sleeves, swap the shoes for black ankle booties, and you’ve got an outfit that’s pure awesome.

Want some more white dress + black shoes inspo? I made a Pinterest board just for you!

Dress: Banana Republic (similar)

Necklace: Anthropologie (similar)

Bag: Marc Jacobs (similar for less)

Shoes: Dolce Vita