September 16, 2014

track shorts + birks

Capsule #3 / Outfit 52

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2119 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2123 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2122 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2121 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2120

This outfit = comfy.

Perfect for running errands.

Birkenstocks make me think of fall for some reason, so I’ve been wearing these like crazy lately.

While I’ve been putting my fall wardrobe together, I’ve been reminded of how lost I was last fall. Lost in a lot of ways. But … for now let’s just talk how I felt lost in terms of my style.

It was last fall that I realized I had  an unhealthy relationship to shopping — and I needed a change. I challenged myself to live with clothes I already had and go three months without shopping. I’ll never forget how hard that was for me. How hard it was to face my own silly but serious problem.

Sad? Yep. I’ll own that.

But doing it changed my life.

Not sad anymore.

Coming into this fall season, I’m feeling overwhelming gratitude for the change + growth I’ve experienced this year.

I like starting a new season with gratitude. And I think gratitude is the best when it’s shared.

So let’s share some good things together – tell me, what are you grateful for?

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottoms: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Marc Jacobs


September 15, 2014

maxi dress + open toe booties

Capsule #3 / Outfit 51

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2118 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2117 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2116 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2115 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2114

This outfit is fancy-time. Heels and a dress? Who am I? :)

We officially had our first cold front in Austin this weekend! Or … I guess I should say “cool” front. Because you guys would all laugh at me if I called 65°F cold.

I forgot what cool weather felt like — and turns out, it is amazing. How heavenly is this whole change of seasons thing? As soon as the front hit, hubby and I piled into the car and bought a pumpkin candle.

Today, the weather is warm again. But I’m excited — fall is coming.

Dress: Nordstrom Rack / Lush Brand (similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Earrings: Isharya

Bracelet: Francesca’s (similar)

September 13, 2014

another fall sneak peek

Fall preview time! Here are a few more pieces that have caught my eye lately. Don’t you love these colors?


Soft Blazer | My sister-in-law took me to Aritzia when we visited Seattle. HELLO NEW FAVORITE STORE. Why don’t we have one in Austin?

Tote | If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my overly enthusiastic post about this tote and how it’s the doppleganger for the Madewell Transport Tote. It looks just like the real thing — but it’s $48!

Berry Moto Skirt | I haven’t decided whether or not to buy this … but I love the moto style + color. What do you think?

Ankle Booties | These were my second purchase for my capsule wardrobe (right after my Madewell high-top Vans). Boom — statement piece!

Berry Sweater | I actually bought this sweater last year. It was the piece that inspired me to go with red + maroon + berry as my accent colors this year.

Black Heels | So I actually decided not to buy the heeled booties I posted about last time — I got these instead. Less expensive + they’re much more me.


September 12, 2014

chambray + white + silver

Capsule #3 / Outfit 50

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2099 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2103 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2102 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2101 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2100

It was 101 degrees in Austin yesterday.

And I was out in the sweltering heat buying … sweaters + scarves.

Salespeople kept giving me questioning looks and … after the fourth person started comparing + contrasting the weather outside with my purchases, I’m not going to lie, I started questioning if this was all just a little bit crazy.

I’m still questioning that as I look into my closet of long sleeves and think, “There’s no way the weather is going to cool down enough in just two-ish weeks.”

So here’s my plan.

I’m going to have alternates in my wardrobe. Three to be exact. For example, I’ll start the season with a pair of cutoff shorts — then swap them mid-season for a coat. And I’ll start with a tee shirt — then swap to a sweater. And finally, I’ll start with a pair of sandals — and then swap to boots.

What do you think about this idea? Would you try it? Improve on it?

By the way, I’m actually almost done with my fall wardrobe! YAY! And it’a about time — we’re going to start shooting fall outfits next weekend!

And … another fall preview comes tomorrow!

Top: J.Crew

Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: Madewell

Bag: Marc Jacobs (or similar for less!)

Necklace: Anthro (similar)

September 11, 2014

neon heels + soft shorts + paris tee

Capsule #3 / Outfit 49

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2089 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2093 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2092 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2091 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2090

Here’s another look with the Paris tee … which unfortunately is sold out. But you could style any graphic tee like this and look awesome. And there’s a whole new crop of beautiful graphic tees to choose from. I think this one and this one are my favs.

Top: Madewell — sold out :(

Bottoms: American Eagle

Shoes: Gianni Bini (similar)

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Bangles: Madewell