October 24, 2014

4.17 dress down your blazer

fall-outfit-ideas-26 fall-outfit-ideas-30 fall-outfit-ideas-29 fall-outfit-ideas-28 fall-outfit-ideas-27

First, make sure you’ve got a nice, unstructured blazer.

Then add:

  • distressed jeans
  • a plain white tee, front tucked
  • a tote, for some color + texture
  • ankle booties, for some cool factor
  • minimal accessories, for some glimmer

And you’ve got yourself a cool look.

With a blazer! That doesn’t look stuffy!

Who would have thought? :)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to wear blazers — and failed. I loved them on other people, but then when I’d put them on they just didn’t feel like me, you know?

I think my problems with them in the past stemmed from the fact that I’d bought the wrong blazers.

They were either the wrong color for my taste (hello bright orange blazer  — what was I thinking?) or the wrong style for my daily life (hello shoulder pads + stiff fabric) or the wrong fit for my body type (oh hey, cropped forever 21 blazer — yeesh).

But now I get it: all blazers aren’t created equal + it takes a bit of experimenting and patience to find the right one.

What’s your favorite way to style a blazer? Share it on Instagram today and hashtag it #unfancyfriday so we can all get inspired by your style.

Blazer: Aritzia

Top: J.Crew

Bottoms: Madewell

Bag: Nordstrom

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Moulton

Bracelets: Moulton

Stacking Rings: Moulton



October 23, 2014

4.16 a print mixing recipe for fall

fall-outfit-ideas-21 fall-outfit-ideas-22 fall-outfit-ideas-23 fall-outfit-ideas-24 We’ve already chatted about how much I love mixing cheetah with stripes. It’s a simple + no-fail way to mix prints.

But when you’re ready to try something different with your print mixing skills?

Try plaid + cheetah. I’m especially loving red plaid, for fall.

The combo is a little busier, a little more energetic. Even here, where I’m only using the prints in small quantities + wearing neutrals in between — it feels lively + happy.

I’m loving red this fall. I never ever would have thought of myself as a girl who loves red — it’s the strongest color! And I like neutrals! But, turns out I’m so happy with it. Color + pattern. I’m learning to embrace these things slowly but surely, friends.

I feel like we’re all on a friend level here.

Especially after yesterday.

I was totally in awe of how you celebrated our anniversary with us. You sent us blessings. You wished us well. You happy danced. And it made my heart do a happy dance.

Know why?

Because it takes a pretty great human being to spend their precious time encouraging others — thank you for being that person. Thank you for putting more good into the world.

Top: Aritzia

Bottoms: Gap (similar)

Shoes: Sole Society

Scarf: Madewell

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Glasses: Warby Parker

And! Don’t forget I’m still accepting applications for guest bloggers. Have hesitations about applying? Apply anyway. Because the very things you’re hesitating about are probably the very things that people will love + relate to.

And also! Did you see the new blog header? My oober talented friend Becky designed it. Looking for a designer? She’s your girl.


October 22, 2014

3 years ago today



Three years ago today, Aaron and I got married in his parent’s backyard, surrounded by a handful of our dearest family members + friends.

Insert one thousand smiley face emojis here!!

We met in high school — he was the cool senior, I was the super nerdy + shy sophomore, so we never really talked until a few years after college when we reconnected. Over Facebook — oh modern romance. :) Then we fell in love on our first date and were married eight months later.

We’re a couple of crazy kids.

And we LOVE it!

We’re in full on celebration mode today, so no outfit post today — but they’ll be back tomorrow.

If you want, you can see more of our wedding photos by Ryan Ray right here.


October 21, 2014

4.15 an errand running outfit + a new blog header

fall-outfit-ideas-16    fall-outfit-ideas-18 fall-outfit-ideas-19 fall-outfit-ideas-20 fall-outfit-ideas-17

This hat, right?! I told you it was awesome.

Anyway … that’s my one sentence about this outfit today. Because there are more exciting things to talk about …

Notice anything different around here?

Unfancy got a new blog header! What do ya think?!


My rockstar friend Becky designed it.

Becky’s got it going on. She’s super talented at lettering + illustrating (see aforementioned blog header). She wrote and illustrated a really heartfelt + hilarious book. She stands up and inspires people at conferences. And she creates things that make people smile.

My favorite thing about Becky? She took something that used to make her feel insecure (her height — she says, “On my tallest day I’m five feet tall.”) + she turned it into something positive. And then wrote a book about it, highlighting 100 reasons why it’s great to be short. She turned a curse into a gift. And in the process, gave everyone else permission to do the same.

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. Let’s give Becky some serious love today.

You can keep up with Becky on Instagram, Twitter, or her blog Chipper Things.

Hat: Target

Top: Madewell

Jeans: Madewell

Shoes: Madewel (similar in a different color)

Bag: Nordstrom

Bracelets: Moulton


October 20, 2014

4.14 when things don’t work out

fall-outfit-ideas-12 fall-outfit-ideas-13

Yes. I put my shoes on with the straps twisted and didn’t realize it until just now.

fall-outfit-ideas-11 fall-outfit-ideas-14 fall-outfit-ideas-15

Remember that time I was like, “Hey everyone! I’m going to get my heels shortened!”

About that.

Funny story.


A day or two after I wrote that post, I diligently took my shoes to Austin Shoe Hospital. A bearded man in an apron greeted me with a smile. I reflected his smile right back as I set my shoes on the counter and explained my hopes and dreams for these shoes. He picked up the shoes and gave them a thorough once over with an expert eye — testing their flexibility, inspecting the heel, noting the materials.

Then, abruptly:

“This heel cannot be shortened.”

Insert grumpy cat meme.

I was bummed. But I kept chatting with him to see if I could learn a thing or two about why it wasn’t going to work this time + what it would take to make it work in the future.

Here’s what I learned:

These shoes are, y’know, pretty cheap. The sole is made of plastic, so it’s 100% inflexible. If I had brought in a nicer pair of shoes with a leather sole, he could have shortened the heel about half an inch to an inch depending on how flexible the sole is. And it would have run about $15 per heel.

So it didn’t work out. But … I’m remembering the words of my favorite adopted grandfather + renown conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Benjamin ZanderHow fascinating! 

Another mistake? How fascinating! Another opportunity to learn something just presented itself.

I’m definitely filing this information away for future use. And hopefully, it’s useful to you too.

In the meantime, I’m still wearing these shoes all the time — they are my favorites after all. It’d be nice if they could have been shortened, but since they can’t, now I’m practicing the art of walking in high heels. It really does get easier with practice.

Top: Aritzia

Plaid Shirt: J.Crew (similar)

Bottoms: Gap (similar)

Bag: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Aldo

Necklace: Moulton

Bracelets: Moulton

Rings: Moulton