September 20, 2014



image via my Instagram — I’m @caroline_joy

Hello happy people!

This weekend is exciting — we’re shooting our first few fall outfits!

And …


I’m sharing my fall capsule wardrobe a few days earlier than planned. Mark your calendars for this coming Friday, September 26th!

I’ll toast to that! (And I’ll eat a cookie, too. Won’t you join me?)



September 19, 2014

little white dress + jean vest

Capsule #3 / Outfit 54

Last outfit of the summer!

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2104 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2107 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2106 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2105

Saying goodbye to my summer wardrobe feels like yearbook signing day at school — I’m all sentimental and sappy. Like, “Bye guys — I can’t wait to see you again next year! Stay cool!”

So let’s end on a fav.

White dress + jean vest + simple sandals.

Comfy and breezy enough to run errands in the heat, but chic enough to grab drinks on the patio later.

This wardrobe was a breakthrough. My clothes + style  finally felt all “me.” I think that’s what I love most about living with a capsule wardrobe — I learn to express more and more of my true self every time.

Actually, I uncover more and more of my true self every time. It was always there — I just had to have eyes to see it. It’s easy to have ideas about who we are, but sometimes our perception is just off.

Until we start digging a little.

Then it gets fun. Or … hard first, then fun. But it always ends up fun. :)

Do you feel like you’ve uncovered new pieces of yourself lately?

Oh! Almost forgot. It’s Friday and you know what that means — #unfancyfriday! The goal is to create an informal style lookbook from all kinds of different people + all kinds of different lifestyles. I’d love it if you’d join in today on Instagram, snap a selfie of your outfit today, and tag it #unfancyfriday.

Dress: Banana Republic (similar)

Vest: American Eagle

Shoes: J.Crew (similar)

Bag: Marc Jacobs

Earrings: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Bracelets: Madewell


September 18, 2014

jean vest + eyelet skirt

Capsule #3 / Outfit 53

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2124 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2128 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2127 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2126 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2125

This summer, I realized that it’s perfectly okay to have pieces in my capsule wardrobe that don’t get worn very often. Some pieces will only be right for that rare occasion — but when that rare occasion comes, I’m sure glad I have those pieces.

This vest is the perfect example of a piece I actually didn’t wear too much this summer — but I’m SO glad I had it in my wardrobe.

Sure, while I was working from home, I didn’t feel the need to throw on a jean vest. But I was really happy to have a hipster jean vest for the handful of outdoor concerts / events we went to this summer.

And … it was just plain fun to wear. :)

So don’t beat yourself up if you had some pieces that didn’t get worn much. A piece can still be a valuable player in a capsule wardrobe, even if it only gets a few wears.

Did you have any pieces like this in your summer wardrobe?

Top: J.Crew

Vest: American Eagle

Skirt: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Madewell

Bag: ONA

Glasses: Warby Parker


September 17, 2014

how to take your basics from day to night

Come in close …

I’ve got a secret for you.


Here it is:

Basics don’t have to be basic.

They can do day and night with simple accessory swaps + a general rule that has to do with wearing flats during the day and heels at night.

Learning to style your outfits up and down is like a secret weapon. And it’s surprisingly easy to master.

Here are six examples of how I styled pieces from my summer wardrobe for day + night:

 Chambray Shirt


DAY: Pair your chambray shirt with skinny jeans + birks + a mini backpack for an errand-ready outfit.

NIGHT: Put on a pretty necklace + swap your jeans for soft black shorts + add a chunky heel and you’re ready for a night out.

Track Shorts


DAY: No brainer outfit here — just add Birks + a casual button up shirt for a look that’s pulled together yet relaxed.

NIGHT: Believe it or not, you can take your track shorts into the night with you. The look here is understated chic with chunky heels + a messy braid + a white tank with a bit of interesting detailing at the shoulders.

Jeans + Tee


DAY: Start with skinny jeans and a soft tee. Then add flat sandals + a backpack + a couple of bangles to give a bit of interest. Simple, simple, simple. Oh, and comfortable.

NIGHT: Ah, the power of accessories. Here we’ve got the same pair of jeans + top paired with totally different accessories — a cheetah clutch + chunky heels + a killer necklace. I’m sure you’re noticing a trend here — flats for the day to keep comfy, heels for the night to look like you cared more than you did.

Maxi Dress


DAY: This dress is an obvious candidate for a day to night piece, but let’s break it down anyway. For day, wear it with flat sandals and a mini backpack.

NIGHT: Change up the look by putting your hair in a topknot + adding a gold cuff bracelet + swapping your backpack for a mini cross body bag + slipping into some chunky heels. (You can’t totally see them, but they’re the same heels from the outfit above.)

Cotton Tank Top


DAY: For a day look, pair your cotton tank with skinny jeans + flat sandals + a casual beaded necklace. To me, this look would be a little boring, but the silver sandals give it just enough interest, while the cognac bag breaks up the dark color scheme.

NIGHT: Cotton reads casual, so up your game with a bold accent – crazy neon yellow heels, anyone? And finally, add track pants so everyone knows you know what’s up.

Little White Dress


DAY: Pair your little white dress with a cool jean jacket and flat sandals — and done!

NIGHT: Even a casual little white dress can go fancy. I decided to go with a bold black and white color scheme, and let the dress do most of the talking.


September 16, 2014

track shorts + birks

Capsule #3 / Outfit 52

capsule-wardrobe-blog-2119 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2123 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2122 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2121 capsule-wardrobe-blog-2120

This outfit = comfy.

Perfect for running errands.

Birkenstocks make me think of fall for some reason, so I’ve been wearing these like crazy lately.

While I’ve been putting my fall wardrobe together, I’ve been reminded of how lost I was last fall. Lost in a lot of ways. But … for now let’s just talk how I felt lost in terms of my style.

It was last fall that I realized I had  an unhealthy relationship to shopping — and I needed a change. I challenged myself to live with clothes I already had and go three months without shopping. I’ll never forget how hard that was for me. How hard it was to face my own silly but serious problem.

Sad? Yep. I’ll own that.

But doing it changed my life.

Not sad anymore.

Coming into this fall season, I’m feeling overwhelming gratitude for the change + growth I’ve experienced this year.

I like starting a new season with gratitude. And I think gratitude is the best when it’s shared.

So let’s share some good things together – tell me, what are you grateful for?

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottoms: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Marc Jacobs